KanAm Grund Group is on growth trajectory: transaction volume exceeds 30 billion euros

  • Transaction volume of around 1.4 billion euros (1.6 billion US dollars) in 2021
  • Assets under management reach 6.76 billion euros (7.67 billion US dollars), up by 17 percent
  • Institutional business: 81 percent; private investors: 19 percent

KanAm Grund Group’s transaction volume exceeded 30 billion euros in 2021. The company intends to generate further significant growth in 2022. It strenghtened its presence across Europe and opened additional branch offices in Dublin, London and Madrid. The number of new acquisitions, which comprised 26 transactions and deals worth altogether around 1.4 billion euros in 2021, is to be increased again in 2022. The internal structures and processes necessary to achieve this have already been put in place. KanAm Grund Group, which operates internationally, has increased its staff numbers further and now has around 150 specialists in Germany, other European countries and the United States. Global property acquisition has been reorganized, with flat hierarchies on a regional and country level. KanAm Grund Group has also expanded its range of services and offers strategic investors an opportunity to invest in project developments or carry out extensive repositioning projects on portfolio properties in Germany and the rest of Europe. Its sustainability initiatives have been further enhanced as well; KanAm Grund Group is a member of der UN PRI, GRESB, the U.S. Green Building Council and the ECORE ESG Circle of Real Estate. The company will be going to this year’s MIPIM real estate exhibition, conference and networking event in the French city of Cannes in mid-March boosted by these developments. 

KanAm Grund Group expanded its European presence in 2021 with the opening of new branch offices in Dublin, London and Madrid – besides the already established offices in Luxembourg and Paris – and successfully continued its growth trajectory. With its 2021 transaction volume of around 1.4 billion euros (1.6 billion US dollars) distributed across 26 transactions, KanAm Grund Group consolidated its position as one of the few German office property investment and asset managers with branch offices in other countries. Despite the volatile market environment due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, KanAm Grund Group’s aggregate transaction volume exceeded the 30 billion euros mark, at 30.14 billion euros (37.42 billion US dollars). The company recorded a 17 percent increase in its assets under management (AUM) to 6.76 billion euros (7.67 billion US dollars) as at the end of 2021. The leased space totalled around 85,000 square meters in 2021.

As a result, KanAm Grund Group is one of the best-established German office property investment and asset managers, with many awards to its name and its own branch offices and networks in the rest of Europe and the United States. As a one-stop shop, KanAm Grund Group now fully covers the core, core plus, value-add and development risk classes in investment funds and separate account solutions, in addition to club deals, both in Germany and in other European countries. With its more than 20-year track record, KanAm Grund Group is an attractive and extremely experienced partner for institutional and private investors from Germany and other countries with a wide range of individual investment strategies. This is evident from the achieved growth in 2021 which shows that around 80 percent of KanAm Grund Group’s assets are now managed for institutional investors. Its investors include banks, savings banks, cooperative banks and other German and international institutional investors, such as insurance companies, pension schemes, pension funds and companies. In addition to specialized institutional property funds and individual investment funds, it also manages mandates in the form of separate accounts and club deals. Most of the investments offered are in the office and logistics categories in Germany and the rest of Europe as well as North America. To enable institutional investors to obtain higher interest on their property investments despite the increase in real estate prices in the past few years, KanAm Grund Group has expanded its service offering again and now offers the option to invest in project developments and carry out extensive repositioning projects on portfolio properties. KanAm Grund Group is currently involved in linked projects with a total volume of more than 500 million euros. 

In the real estate mutual fund segment, LEADING CITIES INVEST was expanded further. Assets under management exceeded 1 billion euros (1.1 billion US dollars) in 2021.

KanAm Grund Group now acquires both large and small properties – depending on the investor group – in the office, retail, hotel and logistics categories and in risk classes from core to project development. In order to accelerate the traditional real estate management processes, KanAm Grund Group relies on flat, self-directed hierarchies below the level of senior management. At the same time Regional and Country Heads have been appointed for property acquisitions in the core markets (Germany, other European countries and North America). This enables the company to develop faster and more competitive processes for the acquisition and management of properties in the interests of the investors, without compromising the accustomed and necessary standards of quality. 

In its most recent asset management rating for the property segment, Scope upgraded KanAm Grund Group from AA- (AMR) to AA (AMR), attesting to the high level of quality and expertise offered by KanAm Grund Group’s property asset management. Moreover, KanAm Grund Group received two nominations for the Scope Awards 2022 as best Asset Manager in the categories Retail Real Estate Europe and Institutional Real Estate Germany, after already winning the award as best Asset Manager in the Retail Real Estate Europe category in 2021.

Here you can find an overview of the current investment profiles of KanAm Grund Group.


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