Mission Statement

Investing Responsibly and Sustainably

Our work is underpinned by a solid foundation of clear values and guidelines, which is felt by everyone who works for or with us: investors, employees, partners, shareholders and the public alike.

As an international, independent real estate specialist, we have been a successful pioneer in the industry for decades – and the partner of choice for institutional investors and private investors.

Who We Are

  • We are the trustee of investors: we manage the assets entrusted to us and exercise investors’ rights independently.
  • We aim for lasting investment success: through persuasive returns, risk diversification and consistency.
  • We create value for the economy as well as for the society: we provide small and large investors equal access to the domestic and international real estate markets and are involved socially, as well as culturally, in selected focus cities.

Our Mission

Making Real Estate a Real Success: As a pioneer in the industry, we invest successfully for our institutional and private investors for the long term.
We achieve this through fresh investment ideas, recognised performance and sustainable action, while meeting the entire range of the investment needs of private and institutional investors.

  • As an international real estate specialist, we have longstanding experience and a strong track record of success.
  • We design investment strategies that are in the best interest of our investors based on our independence and ability to freely decide at all times.  
  • Our success evolves from our teamwork with longstanding employees, a high degree of commitment and the utmost in professionalism. 

Our Values: How we do business!

Responsible Dynamic Trustworthy Sustainable Results-oriented Respectful Courageous
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