Often Copied but Never Duplicated – Thank You!

Ever since its founding, the KanAm Grund Group has been a pioneer in the real estate sector. We take initiative for our investors, making decisive steps forward to lead the way. Competitors also recognize these qualities and try to copy us – which we consider one of the greatest compliments!


KanAm Grund Group: A Pioneer Right From the Start


The first private, independent real estate investment business in Germany


The first provider of purely international, open-ended real estate funds in Germany


The invention of the CashCall Strategy for open-ended real estate funds


The very successful liquidiation of the KanAm grundinvest fund for the benefit of investors, and received the Scope Award in 2012


The first to develop innovative, data-based scoring models for evaluating investment locations


The first to create an adjusted model for identifying international "leading cities" (C-Score)


Launch of the LEADING CITIES INVEST fund as the first open-ended, next-generation real estate fund under KAGB


The first-time provision of a combined, full range of real estate services from a single source (KanAm Grund REAM)


The first specialized funds customized for institutional investors


The first expansion of the model to include concrete location decisions for regional, German specialized real estate funds (G-Score)


The first specialized fund enabling institutional investors to participate in unfinished projects (development fund)

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