Business Continuity at KanAm Grund Group

Business Operations Not Affected by Coronavirus

The KanAm Grund Group, as a group of companies with two regulated capital management companies (German Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaften), has emergency plans in place to ensure that business operations are permanently ensured, even in the event of external situations. Accordingly, we have evaluated the risk situation due to coronavirus at an early stage and takenmeasures as part of these emergency plans. The central goals are ensuring the health of our employees and securing our business operations.

To ensure business operations, we have amongst other measures,divided our employees into two groups who work alternately through home office and from our business premises. As a result of this measure, all core processes such as unit value calculation, reporting and ongoing risk control, are carried out across various locations. We therefore have been able to minimize the risk of employee downtime and consequently, the failure of business processes.

Due to the current crisis, we have also stepped up the monitoring of our global real estate portfolio and are in constant contact with our local service providers, so that we are informed promptly of any further changes. In addition, we have intensified the portfolio management by our fund management as well as ongoing risk control by our risk management teams.

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