We are pioneers Firmly established For 20 years Hans Joachim Kleinert CEO Breaking the mould and advanc ing our investors objectives by innovative strategies concepts and products that s what has mo tivated me since the company was established 20 years ago Sascha Schadly Managing Director Developing customised and com pletely professional fund solutions for institutional investors is what inspires me Olivier Catusse CIO Finding the best properties and arranging the best deal every time customised to the individ ual risk profiles of our investors that s my passion Jan J Stoehr Managing Director My focus is to create solid foun dations for trouble free and se cure investments in our funds by means of intelligent and advanced approaches to risk management Heiko Hartwig Managing Director With LEADING CITIES INVEST we were pioneers right from the start I want to make sure we maintain that position Jan J Stoehr Heiko Hartwig Hans Joachim Kleinert Olivier Catusse Sascha Schadly from left to right 6

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