Energy efficient Climate friendly Ecologically sustainable That is why sustainability has been a part of our corporate strategy for more than a decade and is something we feel strongly about Important though the key financial figures are our social and envi ronmental responsibility is equally crucial Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected by the fact that the KanAm Grund Group has been one of the signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment PRI since March 2020 By signing up to these principles we are declaring that we are willing to take into account in our investment process environmental and social concerns in addition to good corporate governance Towards sustainability Examples from more than ten years The potential of green buildings is reflected in our selection process Long standing working group for sustainability issues Appointment of a sustaina bility officer Establishment of a 17 per son strong sustainability team Self inspection of proper ties for ecological sustaina bility and energy efficiency Optimisation of availability and use of ESG data in portfolios Implementation of investment fund related optimisation measures e g for LEADING CITIES INVEST Phased implementation of further optimisation meas ures for the entire real estate portfolio Membership of UN PRI commitment to apply the six principles Move to our Frankfurt head office in the OMNITURM high rise building which was designed with sustainability in mind and is seeking LEED Platinum certification 31 S us ta in ab le

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