Dear Readers Looking ahead thinking ahead of everyone else and leading the way true to the motto of making real estate a real success this is what has driven us for the past 20 years We are results oriented and act courageously dy namically responsibly sustainably and with trustworthiness and respect Founded in 2000 KanAm Grund Kapitalanlagege sellschaft mbH was the first private real estate investment company in Germany From 2013 it was reorganised into the KanAm Grund Group We now operate three very different business areas with great success the open ended retail investment fund LEADING CITIES INVEST specialized institutional real estate investment funds German Spezialfonds and separate account business This success story of the KanAm Grund Group is the result of the corporate strategy we have pursued with great determination for 20 years From the beginning we have been more innovative than others in the mar ket and our independence has enabled us to give our sole focus to our investors Over the past two decades this has created a strong brand that embodies innovativeness reliability con sistency determination and stability in crises and which has earned a high level of trust in the real estate market from investors bankers brokers and public authorities Now we would like to highlight where we stand after 20 years about to enter the next decade of our com pany s history Completely restructured highly moti vated and keen to meet the challenges of the future We hope you will find it an enjoyable read Yours sincerely Hans Joachim Kleinert and Olivier Catusse Managing Partners Hans Joachim Kleinert Olivier Catusse 3

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