STIFTUNGSFONDS DES JAHRES 2020 RenditeWerk LEADING CITIES INVEST by KanAm Grund Group Left Scope Awards 2012 2013 2021 and presentation of the award for 2012 Feri EuroRatings also vouched for our quality many times before its absorption into Scope Awards KanAm Grund Group s asset management achieved a AA excellent rating as real estate manager in June 2016 Our open ended real estate fund LEADING CITIES INVEST was awarded a Best Funds for Foundations award Stiftungsfonds des Jahres in 2019 and 2020 For 2020 RenditeWerk writes The Leading Cities Invest fund has defended its title We still consider it to be an excellent defensive component with a high likelihood of continuous growth of three percent after costs in foundation deposits Scope has been watching us closely since 2012 and has rewarded us with six nominations and 3 awards The KanAm Ground Group was recently given the Scope Best Asset Manager Award for 2021 in the category of Retail Real Estate Europe In June 2020 Scope upgraded the KanAm Grund Group s asset man agement rating from A AMR to AA AMR It confirmed the fund rating of LEADING CITIES INVEST at a AIF Scope rates the transaction and acquisition expertise of the KanAm Grund Group as very high FondsConsult was established in 1993 and advises a large number of German banks including many savings banks on investment fund selection Its trademark is its independence and its focus on quali tative investment fund analysis The investment fund research and client advisory services are provided by experienced fund analysts If the selection process yields a positive result FondsConsult issues a recom mendation to buy The first such recommendation was made for the KanAm Leading Cities Invest fund on 2 January 2017 25 R es ul ts o ri en te d

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