Courageous For 20 years Doing things differently identifying market opportunities early and acting on them this involves courage and drive and the KanAm Group has proved since it was established that it has both This timeline describes ten of many examples Inventive Proactive Innovative Thought leaders Forerunners Pacesetters Idea generators Trendsetters Precursors Innovators Inventors Pioneers Trailblazer 2020 First specialized fund enabling investors to invest in properties leased to public institutions 2018 First specialized institutional investment fund to enable institutional investors to participate in projects not yet completed 2017 Extension of the scoring model to allow informed location selection of German regional specialized investment funds G Score 2014 Launch of first regional specialized investment funds 2013 First of a new generation of open ended real estate funds under the German Investment Code KAGB LEADING CITIES INVEST 2013 C Score adjusted model for identifying international leading cities 2001 Inventor of the CashCall strategy for open ended real estate funds 2001 First provider of purely international open ended real estate funds in Germany 2000 First private independent real estate investment company in Germany 2013 First to develop data based scoring models for assessing investment locations 16

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