Courageous For 20 years At the beginning of 2000 the dotcom bubble burst and with it the dreams of many investors While most market participants were still reeling in shock the founders of the KanAm Grund Group had already begun to develop a vision for post crisis times Creative Visionary Upright The core of the vision was a re turn to real estate stock market weary retail investors would be given access to innovative open ended real estate funds these would be the first to invest only internationally they would be accessible to everyone and would take full advantage of tax free dividends This concept on which the first private real estate investment man agement company in Germany was based was well received by investors Successful development into a strong brand This laid the foundation for the successful develop ment of the young company Many further innovations followed In 2013 the KanAm Grund Group successfully campaigned for the reform of open ended real estate funds in Germany in the face of considerable opposi tion The product range was also expanded to include investment funds such as specialized real estate funds for institutional investors from Germany and separate accounts for international investors Over two decades the KanAm Grund Group developed into a strong brand which has earned a high level of trust in the market 14

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