Transaction volume for the year to date reaches one billion euros

  • About 85 percent institutional business, around 15 percent with private investors
  • Total transaction volume of around 30 billion euros (about 37 billion US dollars) 
  • Currently around 6 billion euros (about 7 billion US dollars) in assets under management (AuM)

KanAm Grund Group has already bought or sold real estate valued at around one billion euros this year. In 2021, the group continued its focus on real estate transactions for institutional customers. As an independent and fully regulated German company from Frankfurt, KanAm Grund Group has developed into an international real estate and fund specialist over the past 20 years. Since its foundation in October 2000, it has achieved a transaction volume of about 30 billion euros (about 37 billion US dollars) and currently has about 6 billion euros (about 7 billion US dollars) in assets under management (AuM). Around 85 percent of these are real estate assets in the institutional sector and around 15 percent in the private investor sector. Renowned institutional investors from all over the world trust KanAm Grund Group, as do German private investors, who can participate in institutional expertise through the multi-award-winning LEADING CITIES INVEST.
Parallel to the growth in transaction volumes and assets under management (AuM), KanAm Grund Group has seen structured personnel growth. This extends across all divisions and has been an increase of around 46 percent in the past one and a half years or meanwhile around 150 employees. This increase in personnel guarantees the high quality and professionalism and their further development. The headquarters of KanAm Grund Group is in Frankfurt, with additional offices in Atlanta in the USA, London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg.
KanAm Grund Group's investment focus is on Germany, Europe and North America. In these markets, KanAm Grund Group has excellent access to high quality properties. These assets can be precisely assessed thanks to in-house research and specially developed scoring models. Sustainability is an essential criterion that is deeply rooted in the corporate culture, the guidelines and the business model. On this basis, KanAm Grund Group invests in core, core plus, value add or development projects or offers financing options, depending on the fund strategy or the interests of individual institutional investors.
The LEADING CITIES INVEST for private investors is mainly invested in properties that are used as offices. The real estate portfolio of LEADING CITIES INVEST is spread over 39 properties at 25 locations in ten countries in Europe and the USA. According to the current assessment of the independent rating agency Scope, LEADING CITIES INVEST has – as in the previous year – the best real estate portfolio within the commercial real estate funds. In contrast to the industry average, LEADING CITIES INVEST was even able to slightly improve the valuation of its real estate portfolio compared to the previous year, according to Scope. This makes it one of only four open-ended real estate funds that were rated a+ (AIF). Due to the existing portfolio allocation, Scope expects a return above the peer group average for the LEADING CITIES INVEST in 2021 as well. Scope also upgraded KanAm Grund Group's asset management rating in the real estate segment from AA- (AMR) to AA (AMR).
The Frankfurt-based KanAm Grund Group now offers eight specialized real estate funds for institutional investors and is continuously expanding their portfolios. Depending on the investor strategy, KanAm Grund Group offers investments primarily in office and logistics uses in Germany, Europe and North America. In the case of specialized real estate funds for institutional investors, the value add and development risk classes can also be added or specifically searched for, depending on the wishes and orientation of the investors. The customers of this KanAm Grund Group fund family include banks with their Depot A investments, companies and church assets, pension and pension funds as well as high-networth family assets. In addition to the specialized real estate funds, KanAm Grund Group also offers its expertise to institutional investors for separate account deals or, via KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management (REAM), asset management services for individual large properties or real estate portfolios.


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