More than half of all LEADING CITIES INVEST properties certified for sustainability

  • Fredriksberg B and C in Helsinki receive BREEAM "excellent"
  • Mebeshaus in Berlin receives BREEAM "very good"
  • Annual savings of 4,400 tons of CO2 through energy conversion of the fund

Three additional LEADING CITIES INVEST properties were awarded sustainability certificates in summer 2021. Two of the properties are Fredriksberg B and C. Both properties, which are located in Helsinki, Finland, have received BREEAM certification with the grade “excellent”. At the beginning of August 2021, the Mebeshaus property in Berlin was also able to complete the certification process. The property received a BREEAM certification with the grade “very good”. A total of eleven properties with a value of around 480 million euros are currently certified or are in a certification process. This corresponds to a certification rate of around 55 percent based on the total real es-tate assets of the LEADING CITIES INVEST.
The “LEADING CITIES INVEST goes green” initiative is a successful and sustaina-ble process anchored in the KanAm Grund Group's corporate strategy. Driven by the ambition to reduce its Carbon Footprint, the LEADING CITIES INVEST bundled the energy supply for its buildings in a new framework agreement and can now provide its general electricity and natural gas requirements in a CO2-neutral manner. At the same time, since the beginning of 2020, tenants have also been motivated to sign a framework agreement for renewable energies for their rental space, increasing the level of the energy conversion of the LEADING CITIES INVEST properties. In this way, around 4,386 tons of CO2 can be saved annually.
The LEADING CITIES INVEST is mainly invested in properties that are used as of-fices. After the purchase in Barcelona, the real estate portfolio of the LEADING CIT-IES INVEST is spread over 39 properties at 25 locations in 10 countries in Europe and the USA. According to the current assessment of the independent rating agency Scope, LEADING CITIES INVEST has - as in the previous year - the best real estate portfolio within the commercial real estate fund. In contrast to the industry average, the LEADING CITIES INVEST was even able to slightly improve the valuation of its real estate portfolio compared to the previous year, according to Scope. This makes it one of only 4 open-ended real estate funds that were rated a + (AIF). Due to the existing portfolio allocation, Scope expects a return above the average of the peer group for the LEADING CITIES INVEST in 2021 as well. Scope upgraded the asset management rating of the KanAm Grund Group in the real estate segment from AA-(AMR) to AAA(MR).


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