LEADING CITIES INVEST is named ′Foundation Fund of the Year′ for the third time

  • Recommendation as a "defensive building block" with a positive return
  • The mutual fund achieved "Green Star Status" in the GRESB rating

The LEADING CITIES INVEST has been named “Foundation Fund of the Year” for the third time in a row. The RenditeWerk magazine for foundations describes the real estate fund for private investors as a “defensive component” whose management is consistently delivering. Even "in the difficult stock market year 2020, in which many real estate stocks came under pressure because of the trend towards working from home and were in the red, it still generated returns of at least 2.5 percent". “A formidable building block for all foundations that want to invest with extreme caution”, it continues. The KanAm Grund Group's fund has "very good chances" of continuing to generate growth. At the end of 2020, the LEADING CITIES INVEST retail fund also achieved “Green Star Status” in the GRSEB Rating, the leading rating system for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate companies and real estate funds.
Following the first purchase this year in Hamburg, the real estate portfolio of the public fund LEADING CITIES INVEST is spread across 34 properties at 24 locations in nine countries.
In 2020, the positive rating of the LEADING CITIES INVEST with the grade “a + AIF” was confirmed by the renowned rating agency Scope 2020 for the fourth time in a row. According to Scope, LEADING CITIES INVEST has the best real estate portfolio within the commercial real estate funds. Also, in November 2020 the KanAm Grund Group received the Scope Award 2021 as the best asset manager in the “Retail Real Estate Europe” category. The strengths of the LEADING CITIES INVEST in the Covid-19 crisis were also highlighted here. There are no hotels in the fund that have been particularly hard hit by the Covid 19 crisis, while retail accounts for just 7 percent of all tenants in the fund properties.


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