KanAm Grund Group purchases the South Crystal office building in Brussels

  • Object number six for the KanAm Grund European Cities KI
  • Fund aimed at institutional investors from the banking sector

The KanAm Grund Group has purchased the South Crystal office building in the Belgian capital Brussels for a special real estate fund. The nine-story building with 7,300 square meters of lettable space is located to the south east of the city center, in the South District of Brussels at the corner of Avenue Fonsny and Rue de Russie, directly opposite the main entrance to the Brussels-South railway station, Brussels Midi. The main tenant of the property is INFRABEL S.A., an almost 100% state-owned company, which builds, operates, and maintains the Belgian railway network. The building’s energy performance certificate (EPC) has only just been renewed by the seller, Belgian insurance group Ethias, and is valid for 15 years. It has been agreed to keep the sales price confidential. 

South Crystal in Brussels is the sixth property to be included in the KanAm Grund European Cities KI, which is mainly used by savings and loans institutions, and cooperative banks. The KanAm Grund European Cities KI special real estate fund now holds investments in three major European cities, Brussels, Dublin, and Lyon. The South Crystal office building is only nine years old, in extraordinarily good condition and very well-maintained. Alongside the office levels, the building houses a small supermarket, a snack bar, and a crêperie on street level. The building also offers an underground car park with 34 spaces.

The KanAm Grund Group is continuously expanding its portfolios for institutional investors. The KanAm Grund Group European Cities KI adds to a growing family of specialized institutional funds by KanAm Grund Group, including the Fokus Süddeutschland Fonds special real estate fund and other KanAm Grund funds investing beyond Germany throughout Europe. The real estate of these funds is located in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. Clients investing in this KanAm Grund Group family of funds include banks with their depot A investments, enterprises and church assets, pension funds and high-net worth family assets.


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