KanAm Grund Group purchases Le Corrège in Brussels

  • Property in central location within the Leopold Quarter
  • Fund portfolio for institutional investors growing continuously

The KanAm Grund Group has purchased the Le Corrège on Avenue Cortenbergh for a real estate special fund for institutional investors. The building with up to 6 floors above ground and around 5,200 square meters of space in the Leopold Quarter, is under a long-term lease to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The so-called European Quarter is home to the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. Numerous embassies and lobbying groups have also settled in this area. The property is in direct proximity to the Council of the European Union, the Schuman Roundabout, representations of over 30 countries and more than 36 embassies. Some European Union institutions are only a few minutes’ walk or drive from the property. No information has been released on the selling price.

Le Corrège was built in 1992. In 2012 it was renovated and modernized. Alongside office, archive and storage areas, it also provides a garden and terrace and three levels of underground car parking facilities with 66 spaces. Over recent years, the surrounding area has developed into a popular residential district. The area offers numerous hotels of various categories. The Parc du Cinquantenaire with a variety of museums and leisure opportunities is right opposite the building.

Brussels is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, home to the royal household and administrative center of the Brussels-Capital region. The European Union’s most important institutions are located in the European or Leopold Quarter. Apart from the European Commission, the central administrative organ of the EU, this quarter is also home to the European Parliament and the European Council. EU summits of the heads of state and government and the president of the European Commission under the framework of the European Council also take place here. Alongside European Union bodies and institutions, other international organizations, such as NATO, also have headquarters in Brussels.

KanAm Grund Group is continuously adding to their portfolios for institutional investors. The acquisition fund for institutional investors, KanAm Grund European Cities HP, joins a growing family of specialized institutional funds by KanAm Grund Group, including the Fokus Süddeutschland Fonds and Fokus Norddeutschland Fonds, and other KanAm Grund Group funds with investments not only in Germany but throughout Europe. The real estate of these funds is located in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. Clients investing in this KanAm Grund Group family of funds include banks with their depot A investments, enterprises and church assets, pension funds and high-net worth family assets.




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