In 2017 the KanAm Grund Group has been transformed into a successful international real estate enterprise

12 transactions across six European countries - 3.6 billion euros worth of assets under management - LEADING CITIES INVEST (LCI) at 3.3 percent in 2017 - Full real estate pipeline for new and existing funds - Scope: Successful transformation from a German fund issuing company

Frankfurt (6 February, 2018) – The KanAm Grund Group is looking back on a successful 2017 as an internationally active real estate company. This is reflected by the current rating awarded to the Frankfurt-based group of companies by the international rating agency Scope. The acquisitions carried out over the last year in Germany, France, Belgium and Great Britain showed an almost even distribution between private investors and international and domestic customers. In 2017 alone, the KanAm Grund Group carried out a total of 12 transactions across six European countries, dealing with real estate worth approximately 880 million euros, at an average of one property per month. The KanAm Grund Group currently has 3.6 billion euros worth of assets under management, half as fund and half as asset management mandates. Over the past year, the group was able to continually expand its customer base by gaining institutional investors from Asia and France, as well as institutional investors and private customers from Germany. The LEADING CITIES INVEST, their first new generation real estate fund for private investors, closed at 3.3 percent in 2017. And, in spite of a difficult market, their real estate pipeline for new and existing funds in Germany and Europe is filled with plenty of opportunities at the beginning of 2018.

Last year's purchases in Germany included Campus E in Munich, a shopping center in Frankfurt-Hoechst and Cloud No 7 in Stuttgart. In Europe they expanded their various portfolios by Nerviens in Brussels, Le Totem in Toulouse and Le Copernic in Greater Paris as well as One Wood Street in London. This year, the company is working on purchases in the German metropolises of Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg, plus European acquisitions in Luxembourg, Belgium and other locations.

The current Asset Management Rating from 24th January 2018 by Scope confirmed an A+AMR rating for KanAm Grund Group. According to Scope, this award is based on the fact that the owner-managed KanAm Grund Group has become established as a real estate asset manager for private and institutional investors, particularly in the German market, due to its extremely high degree of competence in transaction and asset management. From the point of view of Scope, the KanAm Grund Group has been able to establish an excellent track record in launching funds with an attractive risk-return profile through its consistent real estate, financing and liquidity strategy. At the same time, KanAm Grund Group was able to continually expand its customer base by gaining institutional investors from Asia and France, as well as institutional investors and private customers from Germany.

Currently, three new special funds and the LEADING CITIES INVEST (LCI), the KanAm Grund Group public fund, are in an investment phase, the marketing of a new special AIF is in preparation and two further funds are in development, including the Leading Cities North America, a fund for institutional investors listed in US dollars, which is to be launched exclusively this year.

About the KanAm Grund Group
The KanAm Grund Group has handled a transaction volume of over USD 30 billion since it was established in October 2000. The owner-managed company focuses on the individual needs of German and international investors, with the geographical emphasis being in Europe and the United States.
In order to set it up strategically to face the challenges of the future, the company was reorganized into three business divisions under the umbrella of the KanAm Grund Group: KanAm Grund Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (an open-end real estate fund), KanAm Grund Institutional Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (a special real estate fund) and the new KanAm Grund REAM (international investment & asset management advisory). The aim of this strategic repositioning is the continuous development of the KanAm Grund Group from a German real estate fund issuing company into an international real estate enterprise which provides real estate investment and asset management services to German private investors, institutional investors and international investors alike, irrespective of the investment vehicles involved.


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