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Making Real Estate a Real Success

Jan Jescow Stoehr, Heiko Hartwig, Hans-Joachim Kleinert, Olivier Catusse, Sascha SchadlyJan Jescow Stoehr, Heiko Hartwig, Hans-Joachim Kleinert, Olivier Catusse, Sascha SchadlyJan Jescow Stoehr, Heiko Hartwig, Hans-Joachim Kleinert, Olivier Catusse, Sascha Schadly

Taking a responsible approach to advising private and institutional real estate investors and focusing clearly on their needs has made the KanAm Grund Group an industry pioneer for almost two decades.

As an international real estate investment specialist, we provide unparalleled market expertise you can rely on in the areas of open-ended real estate funds such as LEADING CITIES INVEST, specialized real estate funds and investment advisory. As a private, independent and globally networked company, we have the flexibility to maneuver quickly to seize opportunities as they arise.

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Independent, International, Successful

The KanAm Grund Group is a privately managed real estate specialist. This structure, combined with our high-performance research based on the Group's proprietary scoring models, makes us far more agile and independent than many other specialists. A testament to this quality has also been given by the renowned rating agency Scope, which upgraded the KanAm Grund Group's rating to AA– (AMR) in mid 2019 and confirmed this rating in 2020.

We are a German company active in international markets. We are headquartered in Frankfurt, with additional locations in Paris, Luxembourg and Atlanta. We represent German investors as well as a number of international investors. In 2016, for example, we established a Chinese Desk for our Chinese investors followed by a Korean Desk in 2019 for our Korean investors, who we have been representing since 2013.

The KanAm Grund Group is on a successful growth trajectory, reaching a transaction volume of more than USD 35 billion since its founding in 2000. This performance is attributable, in part, to our international network, which gives us excellent market access – especially to the markets in Germany, Europe and North America.

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Gallery Investments

Form your own impression by taking a look at some of the impressive real estate transactions made by the KanAm Grund Group over the past nearly 20 years.

We Take Sustainability to Heart

We believe that taking a sustainable approach and being responsible for the investment success of our investors go hand in hand.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Since 2009, the potential of green buildings has been a consideration in our selection process. As a founding member of the Green Rating Alliance (GRA), we have made sustainability part of our company strategy. A current example is meeting our general electricity and natural gas needs for our LEADING CITIES INVEST fund in a climate-neutral manner.
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  • Corporate Citizenship: We focus on two programs: Kids in Cities and Art in Public. Both of these programs are aimed at improving the quality of life experienced in urban areas. Our involvement in the Kids in Cities program focuses on sponsoring projects for children in important investment locations. Through the Art in Public program, we promote the presence of art in public spaces, making it accessible to a wider audience.
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